October 3, 2011

The Poverty Impacts of Climate Change: a Review of the Evidence

by Emmanuel Skoufias, Mariano Rabassa and Sergio Olivieri

- This paper conducts an up-to-date review of three main strands of the literature analyzing the poverty impacts of climate change : (i) economy-wide growth models incorporating climate change impacts to work out consistent scenarios for how climate change might affect the path of poverty over the next decades; (ii) studies focusing on the poverty impacts of climate change in the agricultural sector; and (iii) studies exploring how past climate variability impacts poverty. The analysis finds that the majority of the estimates of the poverty impacts tend to ignore the effect of aggregate economic growth on poverty and household welfare.

Skoufias, E., M. Rabassa and S. Olivieri (2011). "The poverty impacts of climate change: a review of the evidence." World Bank Policy Research working paper No. WPS 5622, Apr 2011.