October 24, 2011

Optimal CCS and Air Capture from Heterogeneous Energy Consuming Sectors

by Jean-Pierre Amigues, Gilles Lafforgue and Michel Moreaux

- We characterize the optimal exploitation paths of two primary energy resources, a non-renewable polluting resource and a carbon-free renewable one. Both resources can supply the energy needs of two sectors. Sector 1 is able to reduce its carbon footprint at a reasonable cost owing to a CCS device. Sector 2 has only access to the air capture technology, but at a signi cantly higher cost. We assume that the atmospheric carbon stock cannot exceed some given ceiling. We show that there may exist paths along which it is optimal to begin by fully capturing the sector 1's emissions before the ceiling has been reached. Also there may exist optimal paths along which both capture devices have to be activated, in which case the sector 1's emissions are rst fully abated and next sector 2 partially abates.

Amigues, J-P, G. Lafforgue and M. Moreaux (2011). "Optimal CCS and Air Capture from Heterogeneous Energy Consuming Sectors." LERNA Working Paper No. 11.16.350, Sept 2011.