October 3, 2011

Distributional implications of climate change in India

by Hanan Jacoby, Mariano Rabassa, Mariano and Emmanuel Skoufias

- Global warming is expected to heavily impact agriculture, the dominant source of livelihood for the world's poor. Yet, little is known about the distributional implications of climate change at the sub-national level. Using a simple comparative statics framework, this paper analyzes how changes in the prices of land, labor, and food induced by modest temperature increases over the next three decades will affect household-level welfare in India. The authors predict a substantial fall in agricultural productivity, even allowing for farmer adaptation.

Jacoby, H., M. Rabassa and E. Skoufias (2011). "Distributional implications of climate change in India."  World Bank Policy Research working paper No. WPS 5623, Aug 2011.