January 23, 2011

Deconstructing the 'Rosenfeld Curve': The Problem with Energy Intensities

by Anant Sudarshan

- Since the early 1970s, electricity consumption per capita in California has stayed nearly constant, while rising steadily for the US as a whole. I use empirical data to estimate the fraction of the difference between California and the United States owing to policy independent characteristics such as climate, industry structure or demographics, and the residual fraction that may be due to policy measures aimed at saving energy. I analyze historical trends in the commercial, industrial and residential sectors using aggregate survey statistics from various sources.

Sudarshan, A. (2010). "Deconstructing the 'Rosenfeld Curve': The Problem with Energy Intensities." USAEE-IAEE Working Paper No. 10-057, available at SSRN, Nov 2010.