January 2, 2011

Accelerating Energy Innovation: Insights from Multiple Sectors

by Rebecca Henderson and Richard G. Newell

- Our histories depart somewhat from the bulk of the energy innovation policy literature in focusing attention on the role of vigorous competition - particularly entry - in stimulating innovation, suggesting that in several industries a mix of public policies - including procurement, antitrust and intellectual property protection - played an important role in stimulating innovation by encouraging extensive competition and entry by newly founded firms. There are, of course important differences between the industries profiled here and the energy sector, but we believe that exploring the potential of these kinds of innovation ecosystems in clean energy might be a fruitful avenue for future research.

Henderson, R. and R.G. Newell (2010). "Accelerating Energy Innovation: Insights from Multiple Sectors." NBER Working Paper No. 16529, Nov 2010.