December 13, 2010

Norway - Sustainable Development: Climate Change and Fisheries Policies

by Paul O'Brien

- Sustainable development is a key theme in policy making in Norway. Although it owes a considerable part of its wealth to the carbon-based economy, Norway gives priority to the objectives embodied in the OECD Green Growth Strategy and sees itself as a pioneer in some areas. The sustainable development strategy, an integral part of the documentation for the 2008 budget, spelt out the key principles that were intended to guide policymaking and a set of quantitative indicators that are intended to give an indication of progress. This Working Paper relates to the 2010 Economic Survey of Norway. (

Paul O'Brien (2010). "Norway - Sustainable Development: Climate Change and Fisheries Policies." OECD Economics Department Working Papers, No. 805, OECD Publishing, Oct 2010.