October 17, 2010

U.S. Agriculture & Climate Change Legislation: Markets, Myths & Opportunities

by Jessica Shipley, Sara Hessenflow-Harper and Laura Sands

- Any climate and energy legislation will impact U.S. farmers and ranchers, and this paper examines the many legitimate concerns the agriculture sector has with such legislation. This brief tries to objectively assess the impacts of climate legislation and identify ways that such legislation could be shaped to provide greater opportunities for the sector. U.S. farmers have long exhibited adaptability and entrepreneurship in the face of changing circumstances, and they will be presented with a host of new markets and opportunities with the advent of climate and energy legislation.

Shipley, J., S. Hessenflow-Harper and L. Sands (2010). "U.S. Agriculture & Climate Change Legislation: Markets, Myths & Opportunities." Pew Center on Global Climate Change, Jul 2010.