October 24, 2010

Climate Change, Economic Growth, and Health

by Masako Ikefuji, Jan Magnus and Hiroaki Sakamoto

- This paper studies the interplay between climate, health, and the economy in a stylized world with four heterogeneous regions, labeled ‘West’ (cold and rich), ‘China’ (cold and poor), ‘India’ (warm and poor), and ‘Africa’ (warm and very poor). We introduce health impacts into a simple integrated assessment model where both the local cooling effect of aerosols as well as the global warming effect of CO2 are endogenous, and investigate how those factors affect the equilibrium path. We show how some of the important aspects of the equilibrium, including emission abatement rates, health costs, and economic growth, depend on the economic and geographical characteristics of each region.

Ikefuji, M., J.R. Magnus and H. Sakamoto (2010). "Climate Change, Economic Growth, and Health." CentER Discussion Paper, No. 2010-86, Aug 2010.