October 24, 2010

Beyond Copenhagen: A Realistic Climate Policy in a Fragmented World

by Carlo Carraro and Emanuele Massetti

- We propose a realistic approach to climate policy based on the Copenhagen Agreement to reduce Greenhouse Gases (GHGs) emissions. We assess by how much the non-binding, although official, commitments to reduce emissions made in Copenhagen will affect the level of world GHGs emissions in 2020. We are not interested in estimating the gap between the expected level of emissions and what would be needed to achieve the 2°C target. Nor do we attempt to calculate the 2100 temperature level implied by the Copenhagen pledges. We believe these two exercises are subject to high uncertainty and would not improve the current state of negotiations. Rather, we take stock of the present politically achievable level of commitment and suggest an effective way to push forward the climate policy agenda.

Carraro, C. and E. Massetti (2010). "Beyond Copenhagen: A Realistic Climate Policy in a Fragmented World." FEEM Note di Lavoro No. 136.2010, Oct 2010.